Hearing familiar voice shown to improve task compliance

Hearing familiar voice shown to improve task compliance

Plug-in. No Wi-fi.

Plug-in. No Wi-fi.

User does not need to learn any new; just  listen, accomplish  task and turn alarm off

User does not need to learn any new; just listen, accomplish task and turn alarm off

Unintimidating, familiar look LED clock  with large easy-read digits

Unintimidating, familiar look LED clock with large easy-read digits

  • This  simple looking alarm clock is a lot smarter than it looks.

    smpl Reminder Rosie has shown to prolong independent living as they stay on top of daily tasks.  Suitable for people who need daily/weekly/monthly reminders at home or work. From medication, doctor or meeting appointments, mealtimes, favorite activities, personal tasks, birthdays and much more – there are 1000’s of use since Rosie’s introduction in 2014. 

    Rosie helps ease the stress and burden of caregiving by taking mundaine tasks out of your daily responsibilities, so caregivers and family members can focus on what matters most.

    Rosie plays back personalized voice messages recorded in the voice of a love one (in any language) which has shown to deliver sustained adherence for seniors. Works right out of the box, and Wi-Fi is not required.

    Up to 25 voice activated alarms can be recorded to announce at a specific time every day, a day of the week, a specific date or annually.

    Seniors enjoy hearing a familiar voice, accomplish the task and turn off the reminder alarm – they do not need to learn anything new. Additionally, the familiar looking LED clock with large digits is un-intimidating, so the adoptability is high.

    Popular commands Reminder Rosie understands include “what day is it”, “todays Reminders” “reminder off” and “help”

    Rosie continues to playback messages during a power outage or during transportation with 3 x AAA battery back-up (not included)

    In a Home Care Agency Pilot, this amazing personal reminder helped memory loss patients’ complete 80 percent medication compliance.

    smpl Reminder Rosie – Never forget meds or tasks again. Problems…solved

    • Hear up to 25 personalized, comforting messages in a familiar or loved one’s voice over 100 ft. (30 m) away
    • Record personalized reminders in any language to playback at a specific time every day, weekly, on a specific date or annually. 
    • Message in a loved one`s voice has shown to improve compliance more effectively than most task aids
    • Easy to use – users hears a voice message, completes task & turns off reminder saying “reminder off” or pressing Rosie down
    • Reminders audible from 30M (100 feet) away; repeat every 5 seconds for 30 minutes or until turned off.
    • Highly adoptable; elders or blind impaired are not required to learn a new technology or touch any buttons – just listen
    • Un-intimidating, familiar looking LED clock for seniors with large digits
    • Never forget tasks, activities or miss appointments from repeating messages until specific task accomplished
    • Helps people live in their home longer with more independence and peace of mind for family members and caregivers
    • Rosie is a personal reminder assistant – helps reduce high cost of homecare and reduce reliance on unreliable computer or smartphone reminders/notifications for busy people.
    • Reminders, alarm and time/date are retained during a power failure (3 AAA batteries required)
    • Doubles as a voice activated alarm clock including commands; ” snooze”,” alarm off” or “choose alarm sounds”, etc.

    Technical Features

    • Voice or manual operation
    • Snooze function 9 minutes
    • Large 2 inch LED Digits visible from any angle
    • Works off line
    • Hi/low volume and dim settings; Alarm on/off switch
    • Power: AC 120 volts, 60Hz; UL/CSA listed
    • Doubles as a voice alarm clock
    • Battery back-up: 3AAA not included
    • Record 25 reminders, 6 seconds in any language
    • Clock Dimensions/Weight: 8″w x 4.25″h x 2.75″d; 1 LB
    • User says “reminder off” or press down to turn off
    • Warranty: 1-year limited