Activities You Can Do WIth Senior Loved Ones In The Times of Coronavirus

As more and more places around the world begin to slowly loosen some restrictions put in place to help suppress the Covid-19 outbreak, some of us now have the opportunity to visit with senior loved ones we haven’t seen in months.

Look for outdoor activities whenever possible. Most indoor public gathering places are still shut down. So the malls, restaurants, community centers and similar spots are off the table. Focus on places like parks, beaches & similarly wide open spaces.

Take proper precautions for extended time outdoors. Getting together outside presents it’s own problems, especially at this time of year. Scout out locations ahead of time to make sure there are enough places to sit, and enough shade to protect your vulnerable loved ones. In any case, be sure to bring the priorities: seating, shade & water. Portable chairs & umbrellas, along with coolers of bottled water, should be the minimum brought on these outdoor excursions. Other items like sunscreen, bug spray, sunglasses, snacks or food should also be brought along.

Don’t discard all virus-prevention precautions. Infection numbers are improving, but Covid is still a significant danger. Masks, gloves, disinfectant wipes and social distancing methods should still be employed. Older people are at much greater risk than almost any other segment of the population, and we still need to do our part to keep them safe & sound.

We all want to spend some face-to-face time with our elderly relatives. But in these trying times, we need to take precautions so that gettogether doesn’t turn ugly.

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