About smpl Technology

smpl is about solving daily problems with smarter solutions, not smarter products. smpl was founded by two gentlemen who strived to help solve daily challenges for their elderly family members. The outcome is a range of simple, one-touch electronics utilized daily by caregetters (elders, children, disabled) and others in various workplace settings.

Failing eyesight, trembling hands, diminished hearing, decreased mobility, memory loss… we’ve all seen loved ones experience these symptoms as they’ve aged. As a result, daily activities aren’t so simple as they used to be. This is not only difficult for the aging individuals… it is also challenging for their loved ones and their caregivers.

Everyone, for the most part, knows a caregiver, be it a grandparent, parent, sibling, spouse or child, representing over 50 million people in North America. Only caregivers themselves truly understand the often daily commitment and resulting burden, on top of their personal and work life, with little help form the outside world. 65% of caregivers live-in with their caregetter.

Solving daily-living problems promotes independent living and increase caregetters dignity and self-respect. Caregivers/family members, whom often quietly hold the burden and stress of caregiving are challenged balancing their personal and caregiving roles. Introducing, simple, daily solutions benefits caregivers with more time to accomplish other tasks, whether personal or caregiving while increasing their peace of mind.

Enter smpl Technology, founded by a globally recognized senior facility developer, Mr. Bruce Barnet and a consumer electronics developer. Both founders were personally affected by the burden of caregiving and their loved one’s challenges. smpl now offers simple-to-set-up and use TV remotes, home phones, music players, radio, personalized reminder clock and a complete home/work- based monitoring system for anti-wandering, fall prevention, emergencies or if they just need help.

The founders have shown that by increasing independence and safety with simple, no Wi-Fi products, caregiving is less burdensome and stressful and caregetters become more independent. Caregiving made simple. Increased independence and safety allows caregivers to better balance their personal, family, career and caregiving roles.


Mr. Barnet consults on memory care facility design, is a board member of several Caregiver organizations and launched a caregiver resource website