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experts in products to


caregiver stress
and enable those you care for live a more engaged, independent and dignified life.

our products

Empowering those you care for to live a more engaged, independent and dignified life.

Lift Player - White Orange 1
liftPlayer 2

can’t operate hi-tech?
a smpl lift to play

photoDial6 plus White Orange 1
photoDial -New-Render

hearing loss?
smpl handset amplifies

photoDial3WhiteOrange@3x 1
photoDial3 5

can’t dial easily
press smpl photo buttons

sosDial6+ White Orange 1

emergency at home alone?
smpl SOS dials for help

One Click - White Orange 1
oneClick New Render

frustrated using TV remotes?
press 7 smpl buttons

WhiteOrangeLogo 1
rosie 2 New Render

forgetting daily tasks?
reminders in a family members voice

Alerts - White Orange 1 (1)
alerts 2 New Render

at risk of falls or wandering?
alerts offer peace of mind

Touch Player - White Orange 3
touchPlayer 2

bored? depressed?
smpl music & radio comforts

solutions don’t have to be hi-tech
just smpl tech

We understand the burden, stress, and unselfishness of caring for a loved one.

Our mission is to develop products with both the caregiver and care recipient in mind.


Bruce Barnet – Co-founder

SiMPL Technology was co-founded by myself, Bruce Barnet. I have spent the last 15 years creating products and consulting for senior living and care facilities nationwide.

SiMPL products are designed to ease caregiver stress by enabling those you care for to live a more engaged, independent and dignified life.

Feel free to contact our live support line or email us with any questions or concerns about our SiMPL products. We would love to hear from you!