Artificial Intelligence Uses Language Markers to Predict Alzheimer’s

A very, very interesting story about using AI to predict who will get Alzheimer’s.

“An artificial intelligence (AI) model using a short language test was modestly accurate in spotting whether healthy people would have a future diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, researchers reported.

The model predicted whether cognitively normal older adults would develop Alzheimer’s symptoms before age 85 with an…accuracy of 70%.

Currently, neuropsychological tests and biomarkers like cerebrospinal fluid and imaging are used to monitor Alzheimer’s progression. Potential blood-based biomarkers are being studied to predict Alzheimer’s disease in cognitively normal older adults, but none are available for clinical use.”

Any test that can help identify Alzheimer’s non-invasively and before the onset of obvious symptoms could be a game-changer. At this time Alzheimer’s cannot be cured, but it’s symptoms can be delayed & mitigated to some extent. Getting those patients into treatment regiments early can mean greatly delaying the worst of the effects of the degenerative disease.

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