Blind Brothers Found Clothing Company Dedicated to Finding a Cure for Blindness

A pair of brothers lost their sight to a rare genetic disorder. They’ve now turned that disability into the motivation for a quest: to make sure no one else has to go thru what they did.

“Inspiration for the brand came during a shopping trip to Bloomingdale’s in New York City. The brothers were celebrating the news that experimental gene therapy had successfully reversed a teenager’s blindness.

Eventually, they lost each other somewhere between the ties and shoe departments, and once they reunited, discovered they bought the same soft shirt.

“That set off a light bulb in our heads,” Bradford recalls. “We thought, ‘What if this could be our way to make medical breakthroughs on blindness feel real to people? What if we started a clothing brand to help the groups doing this research?’ “

The company’s website organizes many items by softness rather than color, and many items have braille reliefs woven into the fabric to make them truly blind-accessible.

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