Boxing Therapy Battles Back Against Parkinson’s Disease

The first therapy that comes to mind when you mention Parkinson’s Disease probably isn’t “boxing.” But in the Twin Cities, a former all-state athlete is taking to the squared circle in her fight against the disease. From the Star Tribune:

“The idea to use boxing training techniques followed a number of studies that indicate rigorous exercise — emphasizing gross motor movement, balance and rhythm — could help improve range of motion, flexibility and gait of people with Parkinson’s. More recent research suggests that certain kinds of exercise may slow disease progression….
White said the program has her moving better, feeling better. That, and a diet focusing on grass-fed meats and only certain types of vegetables — called Plant Paradox — helped her shed the weight she’d gained.”

Athletic training is more and more being incorporated into therapies for neurodegenerative diseases. Boxing is actually a very good activity as it involves whole-body coordination, cardio, and strength training. Look for more senior centers to add a heavy bag to the rec room in the near future.

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