Celebrating The Holidays When You Cannot Visit

Even as Covid lockdowns have ebbed and flowed for the last 8 months, one of the few constants has been the hard lockdowns most senior care facilities have put in place. No in-person, face-to-face visits whatsoever. As hard as lockdowns have been on the rest of us, few have had it harder than seniors in care facilities, and the holiday season makes detachment particularly devastating. But there are ways to help bridge that attachment chasm.

  • Whether you use Zoom, Facetime or Google Meet, it’s never been easier to get some virtual time with your elder loved ones. Contact the facility they’re at to determine which program or platform they use most, and try to get family members to regularly contact their loved ones. Even 10 minutes at a time once a week can do wonders for them both mentally and physically.
  • Gift dropoff. You may not be able to have physical contact, but there’s nothing like a present straight from the heart to make their day. Even a simple care package of their favorite snacks or some puzzle books can be tremendously uplifting.
  • Schedule a “parade”. This one takes some planning, but you can arrange to have a parade of cars pass by your loved ones’ window with messages of love & affection pasted to the side of the car showing just how much you care for them. It doesn’t take much money, and it can be a bonding experience for the family members who AREN’T under lockdown, too.