Diabetes Drug May Slow – or Even Prevent – Parkinson’s Disease

I try not to get too hyped up about studies until the treatment is on the market, but in this case I’ll make a small exception.

“A large population-based cohort study, led by researchers from University College London, is suggesting some drugs used to treat diabetes may also prevent the onset of Parkinson’s disease. Along with prior research, these new findings help validate an upcoming Phase 3 human clinical trial set to test one particular diabetes drug in Parkinson’s patients.
Alongside these findings, substantial preclinical and preliminary human research has been chronicling the effect of a drug called exenatide on Parkinson’s disease symptoms. Most recently, a placebo-controlled study with a cohort of 60 Parkinson’s patients suggested exenatide may slow the progression of degenerative motor symptoms.”

This is exciting not just because of the significant finding, but because the drug in question is common, well-studied and has relatively few side effects. As always, more research is needed, but fingers crossed on this one.

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