Engage Seniors at Home

Summer means fun in the sun and surf for many, but for others it’s another season where being outdoors for extended periods can be uncomfortable if not painful or dangerous. That means it’s up to you to make sure your elder loved ones have activities to keep them occupied during the worst of the summer heat. Some simple suggestions:

Puzzles & Games. In this you want activities which are familiar or simple to pick up. Jigsaw puzzles, old school board games, even chess or checkers sets.

Music. Many of us take music for granted. But for our senior loved ones, it can be very difficult to get their music nowadays. Something like the smpl Music Player & Radio could be a great way to let them have their music again without needing someone else to put it on for them. You can put their music on a USB drive and it will play with the touch of a button.

Hobbies. Anything that can keep them occupied and engaged safely. Knitting. Crocheting. Painting. Photography. Model building. Film study. All of these – and more – can be done in residential facilities using products you can readily have shipped to them.

Keeping the mind active is incredibly important for seniors, and we will all have to learn to encourage that activity remotely.

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