Entertainment Help for Non-Verbal People

A recent report showed that up to 1 million Americans are non-verbal. For someone who cannot easily communicate, the world can be a terrifying place. But there are some ways you can help a non-verbal loved one live a richer and fuller life.

Emotion Board. A simple device showing a person expressing different emotions. The non-verbal person can just point to the emotion they’re feeling to help express themselves. Caregivers can even use the board to communicate their emotional state, too. This simple tool can greatly aid in expressiveness.

SMPL Music Player. This simple device lets you give your loved one the gift of music. Simply load their favorite mp3 files onto the player, and they can control their music just by lifting or lowering the lid. No need to ask a caregiver for music.

Legos. The classic kids’ toy is actually one of the greatest entertainment tools for non-verbal people. The simplicity and elegance of the building blocks mean they can play their own way, and create as they want, without relying on others.

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