Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Seniors

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and I’m sure most of us have an elderly loved one who needs a gift. So I’m here to help you out with some great suggestions.

The Gift of Music – The SiMPL Radio & Music Player. A simple device that lets your loved one control their music with only 1 touch. Add music to the included USB drive, or program in their favorite terrestrial radio stations.

The Gift of Snacks – The SnackSack healthy snack pack. Every month your loved one gets a box of new, exciting, and healthy snacks. There are options for vegan or gluten-free subscriptions, too. The treats walk the line between ‘tasty’ and ‘healthy’ even for seniors.

The Gift of Activity – Nintendo Switch with Ring Fit Adventures. The evolution of the WiiFit games from a decade ago, now on Nintendo’s new gaming platform. This includes tons of games & activities which will get your senior loved ones and the young kids in the family playing together, even if they cannot do so in the same room. It includes lots of fun and safe activities to get people up and active.

The Gift of Memories – A family photo on metal from ShutterFly. We all have precious family moments, but as we’ve moved to digital images, fewer and fewer of those moments get printed. That’s why I love this new trend of printing photos directly on metal or glass. No need for frames, and they genuinely pop in almost any room. These are just some of the gifts which your senior Dad may love this summer.

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