Flu Vaccine Linked to 40% Reduction in Alzheimer’s Cases

Another very promising study, this time from the University of Texas at Houston.

“We found that flu vaccination in older adults reduces the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease for several years. The strength of this protective effect increased with the number of years that a person received an annual flu vaccine—in other words, the rate of developing Alzheimer’s was lowest among those who consistently received the flu vaccine every year,

During four-year follow-up appointments, about 5.1% of flu-vaccinated patients were found to have developed Alzheimer’s disease. Meanwhile, 8.5% of non-vaccinated patients had developed Alzheimer’s disease during follow-up.”

The study does not yet show how the vaccine affects the onset of Alzheimer’s. It could be a direct correlation, or an indirect one. As always, more study is warranted. But it’s just another reason to get your flu vaccine every year.

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