Former Georgia & Miami Coach Mark Richt Announces Parknson’s Diagnosis

Mark Richt, former head football coach of the NCAA Georgia Bulldogs and Miami Hurricanes and current analyst for the ACC Network, has announced that he is now suffering from Parkinson’s disease. From ESPN:

“Truthfully, I look at it as a momentary light affliction compared to the future glory in heaven. Thank you Jesus for promising us a future blessing of a glorified body that has no sin and no disease,” Richt tweeted.

Richt, currently an analyst for the ACC Network, added: “In the meantime, I am going to enjoy the blessings that I do have. See you on the ACCNETWORK!”

Richt, 61 years old, noticed he was having issues walking (“I was waddling around”) and went to see a physician, who made the diagnosis. Richt will continue working for the ACC Network for the upcoming college football season.

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