Gardening as a Mental Health Tool

We all struggle with our mental health at times. But older folk have a tougher time of it, since their generations were taught that such issues are a personal failing rather than a medical issue. The care given towards an elder’s mental and emotional health can be just as important as the care directed at their physical wellbeing.

So I love stories like this one, from KRHD in Texas.

“Katie Zender is an extension agent with Better Living for Texans and led the six-week gardening course.

“We talked about starting seeds, choosing your vegetables, how to cook and store them safely, how to build raised beds, and everything under the sun when it comes to gardening,” says Katie Zender, Extension Agent, Better Living for Texans.

Mary Haynie is one of the local seniors who joined the six-week course. She recently lost both of her parents and says gardening just makes her feel good.

‘Gardening, just being outdoors has really helped me so much,’ says Mary Haynie, a member of the Brazos County Senior Citizen Association. ‘It’s helped my mental mind. When you have fun, you remember it. You retain it.’ “

Mental and emotional health care doesn’t always have to be this grand elaborate process. Even small things can function as a circuit breaker for emotional or mental feedback loops.

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