Getting Your Elderly Relatives Ready for Fall

It’s still blazing hot in much of the US, but Fall really is right around the corner. Which means it’s time to check in with your elderly relatives and make sure they’re prepared for the coming season.

Clothing – Make sure they have clothes which can be comfortably worn in layers, including sturdy shoes. Even a resupply of reusable masks may be appropriate.

Food –  Go into their fridges & pantries. Are they properly stocked? Is there anything expired/freezer-burned or otherwise not fit for use? Then dump them and help restock with new foods.

Bathrooms – Are they stocked with essentials (paper goods, toiletries, safety/support aides)? Are all of their over-the- counter medicines & supplements still within their ‘use by’ dates?

Pleasure – Do they have new books/games/DVDs to watch? Exercises or hobbies to engage in? Any new activities do engage in while much of the world is still locked down? If not, drop some off and encourage them to participate.

With Covid lockdowns still in force in many places, residential facilities are still generally restricting visitors, but you should still make time to contact facility management and ask some pertinent questions:

  • What is the Covid status of the residents and workers at the facility? Are distancing guidelines being enforced?
  • Do they have new activity plans going forward for residents?
  • When & where can you drop off season-appropriate apparel for your loved one?

Fall can be hard on people, and Covid will make it even tougher. But these are questions which need to be asked, and soon, for the sake of everyone’s senior loved ones.

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