Helping Alzheimer’s Patients With Interior Design

I know, I know. The first thing we think of when treating a person with Alzheimer’s typically isn’t decor. But crafting a home space that takes into account an Alzheimer patient’s difficulties while simultaneously turning the home into a memory recall tool is truly inspired thinking. More from WTOP.

Her design philosophy also translates to home settings, and she said having familiar objects around from life events or children can be helpful.

“You might have a notebook full of photos that would trigger memories,” she said. “Anything that would help a person remember certain things or to find joy in those things.”

Design tricks can also improve safety for aging individuals or people losing muscle awareness or strength due to Alzheimer’s disease.

Because people, as they age, see color differently, can’t see depth as accurately and don’t have the same visual accuracy as when they’re younger, Thoma-Holec said contrasts need to be established.

“You want to make certain that your walls are contrasting with the floor, and that your seats on your chairs contrast with the floor”

This is part of a holistic approach to disease therapy. You don’t just have discrete therapies, you try to incorporate the therapies and protections into as much of their life and home as possible. This makes for a safer patient, and a happier caregiver.

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