High School Students Helping Seniors Prep For Telemedicine Visits

You love to see the younger generation helping out their elders.

Due to COVID-19, more doctors have had to use telemedicine with their patients. Older and low-income patients may not have the tools or the knowledge to have those important appointments. A group of students is working to change that.

For the past few months, Sasvi Kulasinghe and Isuru Herath have spent their free time on a mission to collect old devices.

“A lot of us have these devices just lying around at home and you don’t know what to do with it,” Kulasinghe said.

Not for themselves, but for seniors.

“There are a lot of elderly patients who are a really vulnerable population because they have underlying conditions that make them at more risk, that make them a high-risk population for getting infected with COVID-19, as well as the complications associated with it,” Kulasinghe said.

So far the organization has raised over $63,000 dollars, and distributed 1,500 devices to seniors in need.

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