IBM & The Michael J Fox Foundation Unveil Machine Learning Model to Understand Parkinson’s Disease.

From ZDNet.

With this in mind, IBM Research and MJFF designed a modelling method aimed at helping clinicians understand how the disease progresses in relation the emergence of symptoms so they can pinpoint exactly how far a patient’s PD has advanced.

Using algorithms, the model has been designed to consider factors that can mask the outward appearance of someone’s PD, including medication that can alleviate symptoms such as tremors, improve motor controls, and modifying other common symptoms.

“Patients’ responses to medication may not be consistent across the population, motivating a need for personalising predictions,” IBM Research said.

Parkinson’s Disease is notable for the sheer number of symptoms which can be associated with it. This makes diagnosis difficult, as the symptoms can be attributed to a huge number of other conditions and there is not yet any bright line test for the disease. This AI model can help doctors more accurately diagnose the disease in sufferers, and get them on a treatment regimen sooner.

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