Is Covid-19 Causing More Severe Brain Damage in Sufferers than Alzhiemer’s?

A bold claim has appeared in the journal Alzheimer’s and Dementia which shows that neurological damage in Covid-19 patients may be more severe than that of an Alzhiemer’s patient.

“Specifically, a team from NYU Grossman School of Medicine found significantly higher levels of certain blood proteins, which typically arise when someone suffers neurological damage among COVID patients. Researchers say, over the short-term course of their infections, seven markers of brain damage were noticeably higher among COVID patients than non-COVID patients with Alzheimer’s. One of these markers was more than twice as high among coronavirus patients.

“Our findings suggest that patients hospitalized for COVID-19, and especially in those experiencing neurological symptoms during their acute infection, may have levels of brain injury markers that are as high as, or higher than, those seen in people who have Alzheimer’s disease,” says lead author Jennifer Frontera, MD, a professor in the Department of Neurology, in a university release.”

The study was normalized for age groups, and still they found a significant correlation. Ever since the beginnings of the pandemic, there have been reports of “long Covid”; people suffering vascular and neurological symptoms months after the primary infection has cleared. This study showing drastically increased biomarkers detectable in a blood test, may be able to more fully explain this phenomenon.

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