Light Therapy To Help Manage Seasonal Depression

While the days are starting to get longer, it’s still wintering out in the northern hemisphere. That means millions of people are suffering from Seasonal Depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder. These are more than just the ‘winter blues. These are conditions that induce demonstrable physiological changes in the human body. But there are ways to help battle SAD and related conditions, one of which being Light Therapy. This therapy involves sitting with a lightbox that mimics natural light for moderate periods each day. Therapeutic lightboxes are designed to provide an experience as close to natural sunlight as possible, while also blocking harmful UV rays. The light should be situated somewhere off to the side, rather than directly ahead, and should be moved regularly so all sides of your body get the benefits. Light therapy should not be overused, and you should be wary of warning signs like nausea or eye fatigue.

The Mayo Clinic has some more quick tips for beginning Light Therapy at home

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