Music – The Universal Language

A great piece from the Arizona Daily Sun about the power of music therapy.

“[Mary] Gaughan equates music therapy to more traditional therapies such as physical, speech and occupational — the only difference is that she uses music to address clients’ cognitive, social and physical goals. She said, in her experience, music therapy is highly motivating for clients because it is both non-invasive and all-inclusive.

As examples, she described how she can use the steady beat of a drum to help clients work to control their gait as they walk across a room, or help to strengthen speech by singing familiar songs and gradually removing key words on her end to allow the client to fill-in-the blanks.”

Music therapy really doesn’t get it’s due as an important tool in the care and wellbeing of the population. But it’s remarkable how effective it can be in a variety of ways and for a variety of conditions.

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