Music Therapy to Heal the Mind & the Body

From ABC 15 in Arizona, a great story about the power of music therapy.

“For seniors, people struggling with dementia, and those with traumatic brain injuries, music therapy is instrumental in building memory and social skills.

Students and staff at Arizona State University in the School of Music were told they could no longer go into facilities when the pandemic began.

To keep the therapy playing on, they had to be innovative and decided to move their music therapy courses online.

“Absolutely not just karaoke and dancing around,” Sereen El-Ghossaini said. “We have very much a purpose for every little thing that we do.”

El-Ghossaini is a graduate student at Arizona State University and she is one of the students who is learning how to virtually hit all the right notes and provide therapy to those in need.”

The Covid lockdowns have been difficult on all of us, but it’s inspiring to see these students striving to continue their work with vulnerable people, and bring a little more joy into the world in the process.

Numerous studies show the value of music therapy for persons with dementia or autism. Even pre-recorded, familiar music has tremendous therapeutic benefits across almost the entire spectrum of cognitive and communicative disorders.