Neurological Symptoms of ‘Long Covid’ Resemble Alzheimer’s

Even as widespread availability of Covid vaccines have dramatically decreased rates of hospitalization, new questions continue to arise about the effects of “Long Covid.” This refers to a raft of often unconnected symptoms which continue to plague Covid victims long after the primary symptoms of the disease have faded. NPR has a new story showing some Long Covid sufferers have neurological symptoms similar to those of an Alzheimer’s sufferer, and could be at significantly greater risk to develop the disease later in life.

“Now, researchers at UT Health San Antonio are studying patients like Hernandez, trying to understand why their cognitive problems persist, and whether their brains have been changed in ways that elevate the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.

The San Antonio researchers are among the teams of scientists from around the world who will present their findings on how COVID-19 affects the brain at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference, which begins Monday in Denver.

What scientists have found so far is concerning.

For example, PET scans taken before and after a person develops COVID-19 suggest that the infection can cause changes that overlap those seen in Alzheimer’s. And genetic studies are finding that some of the same genes that increase a person’s risk for getting severe COVID-19 also increase the risk of developing Alzheimer’s.”

If you haven’t yet had Covid, get vaccinated now. If you have had it, please check in with your doctor if you have any unusual symptoms so you can be monitored and treated.

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