Parkinson’s Disease Forcing Michael J Fox to Retire….Again

The former sitcom star has a new memoir out, and he spoke to the LA Times about the biggest news: that his acting career is likely done.

“There is a time for everything, and my time of putting in a twelve-hour workday, and memorizing seven pages of dialogue, is best behind me,” Fox writes in the book, which is out Tuesday.

He continues, “At least for now … I enter a second retirement. That could change because of everything changes. But if this is the end of my acting career, so be it.”

Fox, who rose to fame as one of the young stars of 80s sitcom hit ‘Family Ties”, was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at 29 years old. He was told then he would likely only be able to work as an actor for another 10 years. He ended up working 30 more years after his diagnosis, including an Emmy nomination.

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