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Empowering those you care for to live a more engaged, independent and dignified life.

Lift Player - White Orange 1
liftPlayer 2

can’t operate hi-tech?
a smpl lift to play

photoDial6 plus White Orange 1
photoDial -New-Render

hearing loss?
smpl handset amplifies

photoDial3WhiteOrange@3x 1
photoDial3 5

can’t dial easily
press smpl photo buttons

sosDial6+ White Orange 1

emergency at home alone?
smpl SOS dials for help

One Click - White Orange 1
oneClick New Render

frustrated using TV remotes?
press 7 smpl buttons

WhiteOrangeLogo 1
rosie 2 New Render

forgetting daily tasks?
reminders in a family members voice

Alerts - White Orange 1 (1)
alerts 2 New Render

at risk of falls or wandering?
alerts offer peace of mind

Touch Player - White Orange 3
touchPlayer 2

bored? depressed?
smpl music & radio comforts

solutions don’t have to be hi-tech
just smpl tech