Radio Waves as an Arthritis Treatment?

Now don’t go pressing your cordless phone up against your sore hands…yet. But maybe get a little excited about a recent study showing that high-energy radio waves can ‘stun’ inflamed nerves and provide pain relief from conditions like arthritis.

“Recently, scientists have begun treating chronic pain using electrical currents, produced by powerful radio waves, which “stun” certain nerves and slow pain signals on their way to the brain.

For those with arthritis in the knee, studies show this form of nerve pain relief is better than steroid injections and appears to last for up to a year in 65 percent of patients.”

The study also showed no side effects of the treatment. As always, don’t expect home CRFA kits on the shelves of your local pharmacy any time soon. But a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical treatment with no known side effects is something many more doctors and scientists will be investigating.

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