Seniors Crafting Toys for At-Risk Kids During Covid Lockdowns

From the Houston Chronicle, a great story about the pandemic bringing the young and the old together.

Two Memorial area residents are staying active during the pandemic by building toys for at-risk children.

Paul Smith and Earl Montgomery used the woodshop at their the senior living community Buckner Parkway Place, to build a total of 60 wood cars, trucks and trains, and three wood rocking chairs.

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“Some kids have nothing. This is saying to that child, ‘Somebody out there cares about me – somebody has done something for me, and I didn’t ask them to do it,’” said Smith, 86, who is one of the founders of the woodshop at Parkway Place.

The chairs, designed by Smith, contain five separate pieces of wood that can be unassembled and reassembled without tools. He calls them puzzle or gospel chairs.

Smith & Montgomery are now being put in contact with other local senior centers to try and expand their efforts in time for the holiday season.

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