Never miss an alert. Pager sounds, vibrates

Never miss an alert. Pager sounds, vibrates & lights up wherever you’re situated.

Up to 250 ft. Pager range

Up to 250 ft. Pager range

Kits work right out of the box- easy set-up in minutes

Kits work right out of the box- easy set-up in minutes & no tools required

Wireless - Battery powered

Wireless - Battery powered

Door and Motion Sensors pre-installed  with double- sided tape

Door and Motion Sensors pre-installed with double- sided tape

No Wifi required = NO monthly fees

No Wifi required = NO monthly fees


  • Be aware with smpl Alerts. Now caregivers or business owners/managers don’t have to worry when a caregetter (elder/child/disabled), customer or visitor opens a door, wanders inside or outside, enter unsafe rooms or if they need help when you’re close by. 

    The smpl Home or Business Alert Kit is the simplest, expandable and complete awareness and safety monitoring system available.   This complete Kit includes a Door Sensor, Motion Sensor, SOS/Help Pendant and a Pager. Helps with anti-wandering, fall prevention, customer service, if they need urgent help or if the just need something. smpl Alerts increases safety and independence for everyone involved. See image below.


    Receive alerts when a door opens, movement detected or the Help Pendant button is pressed. For example, receive open door alerts when:  they enter or leave a home or business; movement alerts when they get out of bed or a chair or enter unattended/unsafe areas (i.e. bathroom, stairway, office/showroom); or if they have an emergency (i.e. fall in bathroom, shower, stairway); or they just need your help or need something when your close by, within 250 ft. of the sensors. 

    The smpl Pager is portable, clips to a belt or small enough to place in a pocket. The Pager will sound, vibrate and light up, alerting you wherever they are situated in around the home or business. 

    The smpl Safety Kit can help prevent seniors with dementia or Alzheimer’s from wandering or falling, helps keep children, disabled and visually or hearing impaired safer and utilized in many business/work/office applications..

    The Pager is always with you, so the alerts do not startle the caregetter/customer. Now you don’t have to watch them every minute of the day. Spend more time doing what you want to, with peace of mind, by staying aware of anyone’s movements.

    Up to 250 ft. (75m) signal transmission distance in open air (and 100-200 ft. in an average home) from Sensors to Pagers, which is suitable for virtually any home or business. Now you can monitor caregetters/customers wherever you are situated – in another room or office, just outside or at a next-door neighbor. Simply turn off the Pager when monitoring is not required. 

    smpl Alert Kit is simple to install and use. The wireless Sensors include a pre-installed battery and double-sided tape for installation in minutes. The smpl Pager and Sensors are paired right out of the box. No internet, Bluetooth, wiring or any additional fees are required.

    The portable and vibrating Pager can be clipped to a belt, fit in your pocket, or simply placed on a table. The Pager requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included.

    Additional Add-On smpl Sensors or Pagers can be purchased separately to expand coverage. Monitor more doors, cabinets, windows, rooms, hallways, areas or people Sold separately or in kits. Up to 20 additional Sensors can be paired to one Pager in a few easy steps. You can set different alert sounds and volume levels for each Sensor, if needed. Up to 20 Add-On Pagers can be paired to one sensor to allow for more users in a few easy steps.

    Bottom line – smpl Alert system delivers peace of mind. Now when they are about to wander off outdoors, fall in the bathroom, enter an unsafe area, etc. you can be there in seconds to help. No Wi-fi. No fees. No hassle.


  • smpl Alerts Kit #58090

    Door Monitoring

    Door Sensor Applications

    Motion Sensor Applications

    SOS/Help Pendant Applications

    • Clip on a belt
    • Place in your pocket (removable belt clip)
    • Place on a desk or table
    • Wall mountable

    smpl Pager design is – SIMPLE

    Designed for ease-of-use and set-up in minutes

    • Never miss an alert – receive sound, vibration flashing alerts
    • Select from 4 volume settings and over 50 melodies. You can set different volume and/or melody setting for different sensors or pagers (optional) if preferred.


    Pairing Sensors to Pagers

    smpl Alerts Sensors & Pagers purchased in kits are paired to factory settings. To pair smpl Add-On Sensors to Pagers, or to adjust Pager volume and/or melodies from factory setting when purchased in Kits, follow these three easy steps.

    1. Select the Melody and Volume level preferred using inset buttons shown

    2. Press the Melody Change button for 5 seconds to enter setup mode

    3. Trigger the specific Sensor your setting up quickly and your all set!

    smpl Pager Main Technical Specifications

    Power: 2 x AAA batteries, not included

    Transmission distance: 250 ft. (75m) in open air; 100-200 ft. in average home/office

    Volume: 25 -110 dB

    Dimensions: 2.25” x 3.5” x 1 inch