Start Preparing for Fire Season in North America

Western North America is currently dealing with both a critical drought, and an unprecedented heat wave. That means the upcoming fire season is projected to be among the worst ever. Every year wildfires cause millions in damage in the west, and cause immense suffering for people who lack the proper supplies to handle a wildfire in their area or region. That means today is the day to make sure any loved ones in that part of North America are stocked up on fire supplies now. Suggestions include:

  • N95 masks
  • air purifiers
  • dust-proof goggles
  • tarps to protect delicate equipment
  • Extra batteries, gasoline & propane fuel (if used)
  • 3+ days of food, water, meds & supplies for everyone in the home including pets.
  • a “go bag” stocked with clothes, documents & any irreplaceable mementoes which can be grabbed in a moment’s notice in case of evacuation.

Once the fires start, these supplies will become almost impossible to get locally. Start making sure any elder loved ones you have in the area are prepared now before the shortages begin.

If your loved ones are in managed or residential care facilities, contact management and ask about their wildfire plans. A good facility should be able to tell you, in some detail, what will happen. If they cannot at least outline a plan, request that they make one as soon as possible in preparation.

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