Tech Companies Bringing Focused Products

The recently concluded CES (consumer electronics show) had the usual showcases for new TVs, cutting edge computers and the newest home gadgets. But this year’s show had a new focus: technology for our aging population.

Some of the products were riffs on classic CES products, but with a focus on senior markets. Including:
A ball-shaped robot from Samsung which can detect when a person has fallen, and even roll over to them and ask if they need help.

A hand-held medical scanner that can perform tests like heart rate & ECG and transmit the data to a doctor, cutting down on office visits.

True wireless earbuds which isolate & amplify speech, making it easier to converse in loud spaces without making everything else louder.

But some of the more exciting advances were less cutting edge. Gillette showed off their Treo razor, the first home razor designed to shave someone else. It is ergonomically designed to be wielded by another user and comes with a shaving cream dispenser in its handle. Being unable to shave oneself safely is an issue few younger people think about, but it can be a real source of distress for some seniors. A product designed to do just that could help restore a little dignity to millions of seniors or disabled persons.

Other companies brought apps for smartwatches which could do things like detect falls or strokes, or communicate for people with speech disabilities. Even relatively simple apps like that could help take some stress off of caregivers by giving them another avenue of communication or warning.