“Thor” Actor Chris Hemsworth Stepping Back from Acting Due To Alzheimer’s Fears

After spending more than a decade as one of the faces of the MCU – in addition to numerous
other film projects – Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth has announced he is taking a step back from
acting for a surprising reason: Alzheimer’s disease.

To be clear, Chris doesn’t have Alzheimer’s. But the 39 year old recently underwent genome
testing, and the results showed he carries two copies of the APOE4 gene. Statistically speaking,
that means he is about ten times more likely to develop the disease than a person without any
APOE4 genes.

Consequently Hemsworth made the decision not to retire from acting, but to step back so he
can spend more quality time with his family while he is still able to. Which is an incredibly
laudable goal.

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