Traveling With Seniors

It may still be chilly out, but vacation season is right around the corner. Here are some easy tips to help make a vacation with your elders turns out great for everyone. 

  • Check with your hotel to make absolutely sure they can accommodate any needs your senior loved one has. Online listings can be wrong, and showing up to a hotel with a loved one in a wheelchair or walker only to be told that all of their handicapped rooms are full could destroy what should be a fun trip. Calling to make sure they both have the accommodations, and have them reserved for you, can eliminate a ton of stress.
  • The same precautions should be used when picking a transport carrier, whether that’s an airline, rental vehicle or tour boat. If your loved one – for example – needs an aisle seat make sure you reserve that in advance. 
  • Conditions like Alzheimer’s and dementia don’t take vacations, so you still have to take precautions. Make sure senior loved ones have a card on them at all times with your cell phone and name written on it. Another card with their room number and the name of the facility will make sure they can get back if they go out. It also can’t hurt to bring a little extra assistance, like the smpl Alert Motion Sensor Kit. Placing the motion sensor near the door of your loved one’s room can alert you if they try to leave during the night, and give you a chance to intercept them before they can wander off. 
  • Be flexible. You may have a spreadsheet full of activities you want to engage in while on vacation, but your senior loved one may not have the desire – or the stamina – to do all of them with you. Be prepared to change plans on short notice to accommodate their needs and desires. 
  •  Watch the sun. A day spent in the sun can be great, but seniors can often tire or dehydrate faster than you or I. Make sure any outdoor activities come with plenty of non-alcoholic, non-caffeinated fluids, and maybe bring along an umbrella or a wide-brimmed hat to make sure they don’t get too much sun exposure. 

There’s no reason your senior loved ones have to stay cooped up at home all year. They can be a part of family vacations with a minimum amount of preparation ahead of time, letting you all have the time of your lives. 

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