What Can Covid-19 Vaccinated People Do?

As Covid-19 vaccination rates continue to rise, it’s time to start asking what people who have been vaccinated can do that the rest of us can’t yet. First off, “fully vaccinated” means it’s been 2 weeks since the final dose of the vaccine you’ve received (the Moderna, Pfizer & AstraZeneca vaccines are 2 doses, the Johnson & Johnson one is 1 dose). The following are guidelines from the CDC:

What’s Changed if you’ve been fully vaccinated:

  • You can gather indoors with fully vaccinated people without wearing a mask.
  • You can gather indoors with unvaccinated people from one other household (for example, visiting with relatives who all live together) without masks, unless any of those people or anyone they live with has an increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19.
  • If you’ve been around someone who has COVID-19, you do not need to stay away from others or get tested unless you have symptoms.
  • However, if you live in a group setting (like a correctional or detention facility or group home) and are around someone who has COVID-19, you should still stay away from others for 14 days and get tested, even if you don’t have symptoms.

What Hasn’t Changed, for now, if you’ve been fully vaccinated:

  • You should still take steps to protect yourself and others in many situations, like wearing a mask, staying at least 6 feet apart from others, and avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces. Take these precautions whenever you are:
  • In public
  • Gathering with unvaccinated people from more than one other household
  • Visiting with an unvaccinated person who is at increased risk of severe illness or death from COVID-19 or who lives with a person at increased risk
  • You should still avoid medium or large-sized gatherings.
  • You should still delay domestic and international travel. If you do travel, you’ll still need to follow CDC requirements and recommendations.
  • You should still watch out for symptoms of COVID-19, especially if you’ve been around someone who is sick. If you have symptoms of COVID-19, you should get tested and stay home and away from others.
  • You will still need to follow guidance at your workplace.

Remember that while vaccination rates are increasing, most of the population – the publication time – are still unvaccinated. But that doesn’t mean those who have been cannot enjoy things a bit more. Have a small party or get together. Go out more (while still masking up). But still be responsible when needed. If we all work together we will get thru this.


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